Son Tra, Da Nang

Luxury 5-star Beach front 1 bedroom condotel in the city centre of Danang





40.6 m2

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USD 121,135

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부동산 정보

Possessing a poetic sea view along magnificent beaches and world-class amenities, Wyndham Soleil is designed to be the architectural spotlight of its city as well as a big magnet for tourists and investors. Located in the most famous and popular touristic street of Danang, one of the most livable cities of Vietnam, Wyndham Soleil condominium covers an area of 2.2 hectare at a prime location. The 5-star sea-wave shape masterpiece offers easy access to city major roads. It is opposite to the East Sea Park where takes place the most important events of the city. Just 30 mins from the condo, tourists can easily reach Hoi An ancient town and other UNESCO World Heritage sites. The condominium is a four-tower complex composing of one hotel and three 1-3BR apartment buildings. Featuring a unique design inspired by shape of sea waves, beautiful balconies, rooftop pools, a sky bridge as well as 18 high-speed elevators, Wyndham Soleil Danang shall be the most high-end complex of Danang city. For the Nimbus tower, Clients can be optioned for personal used or joining the rental pool program with structure 80/20 (owner/operator). The price is inclusive of VAT and furniture package.

부동산 위치

  • 호텔/리조트
  • 산이 보이는 전망
  • 도심부
  • 바다가 보이는 전망
  • 도시의 스카이라인이 보이는 전망

주요 시설

  • 인터넷
  • 에어콘
  • 키즈 클럽
  • 체육관
  • 렌탈 프로그램
  • 음식점
  • 케이블 티비
  • 경비
  • 비즈니스 센터
  • 스파
  • 유명한 브랜드 호텔
  • CCTV

근처 시설

  • 쇼핑센터
  • 공원
  • 국제 공항
  • 음식점
  • 편의점
  • 놀이터

야외 공간

  • 공용 수영장
  • 테라스/발코니

주차 시설

  • 지하 주차장

매매 이유

  • 개인 용도
  • 자본 소득
  • 임대 수익률
  • 휴가용의 집

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