Son Tra, Da Nang

The 6nature - The prime beachfront location





110 m2

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USD 255,560

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The unique complex at The 6nature, diversifying and satisfying the high-end lifestyles
Fronting 3 difference roads and centrally located on the prime Vo Nguyen Giap street, Danang, The 6nature offers premium condominiums with breathtaking views over the My Khe beach within a two-tower project with a branded hotel. The beachfront property blends urban living with holiday lifestyle to create the ideal environment in which to make one’s permanent home or second home. Each multi-generation condominium guarantees utmost privacy and comfort with the perk of a serene ocean view.
Amenities and Facilities needed for a luxurious getaway can be found within The 6nature: feel a breath of inspiration from the ‘Art Gallery Lobby’, enjoy an afternoon at the exclusive cigar lounge, indulge your senses in the private tasting room and signature restaurants, rewind in the large public library, relax at the infinity pool or premium spa or take a yoga class with views over the ocean…
The 6nature also includes within its premises a kid’s indoor playground, convenient stores, gym, conference rooms, a private parking lot and an international kindergarten and other well-equipped facilities…

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