District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

The only luxury villas in HCM city centre



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549 m2

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USD 3,991,398

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These unique villas are located in a riverfront community in the CBD of Ho Chi Minh City and within a gated community providing ultimate convenience and privacy. Set within the city's only masterplanned community in District 1, each villa offers prime land only metres away from the river, marina and a variety of amenities such as jogging and bicycle track, shopping, restaurants and many more. Each villa features five storeys including basement, giving owners plenty of space to personalize their villa to their own unique taste. As the villas are handed over as bare-shell units, the entire decoration can be as individualized as well. The villa compound is discreetly separated from the surrounding by landscaping with tree-lined roads leading to the individual homes. The estate provides 24-hour security yet is the most conveniently located villa compound in Ho Chi Minh City.

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  • 외부인 출입 제한 주택
  • 사생활권
  • 도심부
  • 강이 보이는 전망
  • 사도
  • 강변지대

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  • 조깅 트랙
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  • 국제 학교
  • 슈퍼마켓
  • 메트로
  • 편의점
  • 정박지
  • 국제 병원
  • 쇼핑센터
  • 공원
  • 약국

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