Da Lat, Lam Dong

Eden Dalat - Black Pearl of the Highlands


530 m2

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214 m2

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USD 1,364,576

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부동산 정보

The project is located on the hillside near Dalat center, between the pine forest overlooking the valley. Simple architectural style with impressive angles inspired by the pines rising from the ground.
Surrounded by a garden full of flowers and light, Eden greets the customer with goodwill.

5-bedroom villa with imported furniture and connected space creates not only the harmonious decoration but also the comfortable luxury for the villa.

Eden Dalat will bring to its residents a unique and refined space experience that captures the new Dalat sensuality while using the beauty of the surrounding nature to enhance the beauty of the home.

부동산 위치

  • 언덕
  • 개인 소유의 토지
  • 숲이 보이는 전망

주요 시설

  • 인터넷
  • 에어콘
  • 케이블 티비
  • 도서관

근처 시설

  • 슈퍼마켓
  • 음식점

야외 공간

  • 정원
  • 유기농 정원

주차 시설

  • 자동차 공간

매매 이유

  • 개인 용도
  • 은퇴
  • 자본 소득
  • 휴가용의 집

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