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Santo by the Sea – Combination of Greek tradition & Vietnamese Beauty





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Santo by the Sea villa was inspired by owners' dream of a small Santorini in Vietnam, and the perfect place for this is nowhere else, but Van Phong Bay. Located 80km from Nha Trang in central Vietnam, Van Phong Bay is bestowed by the mother of nature with picturesque beauty with vivid colors of clouds, sky, and sea. Escaping noisy and bustling, this place still retains its rare wilderness, tranquility, and extremely majestic natural landscapes. Characterized by Santorini architecture: white painted houses by the sea, Santo by the Sea no doubt was built to meet perfection. Whitewashed houses in complete harmony with blue sea and golden sand. All the walls and ceiling are finished rough from sand without being flattened bring out the nature but no less delicacy of a sea villa.
Combining a minimalist style with the elements of traditional Greek island architecture and modern beauty, it is designed with large arched doorways and thick wall to make the most of the beauty of the surrounding nature and bring natural light into all indoor spaces. The villa has main space for the owner on the ground and guest areas on the upper floor, connected by outdoor staircases to take full advantage of the natural beauty. The rooftop offers fab seascapes, especially at sunset. Between the 2 floors, a large pool area located in the middle of the house, bringing again the famous blue among the white walls. Addition to the family kitchen space on the ground floor, a sushi bar with freshly caught local seafood is also set up on the upper floor to entertain guests.

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