The beloved capital of Vietnam, popular for its preserved culture and over 1000 years of history. Hanoi is located in northern region of Vietnam, situated in the Vietnam's Red River delta, nearly 90km (56 miles) away from the coastal area.


Local Time: 04:49 Local Temperature: 19ºC/292.15ºF Location: Northern Vietnam

The country’s political center 

Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and well-known for its colonial architecture and historical monuments, delectable cuisine, and expansive lakes. As the country’s political center, Hanoi’s property market witnessing rapid development across various sectors back by vast improvements in infrastructure and connectivity within the city’s boundaries and to nearby industrial zones. 



As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is the second most economically developed city and is home to most of the legislative and government bodies. The city reached its highest economic growth level in 6 years at 8.3 percent primarily in the industry-construction sector in 2016.

In Q2/2017, the city’s GDP growth was 7.37% y-o-y and GDP per capita was recorded at US$3,425. Hanoi attracted US$1.4 billion of FDI in the first six months of 2017, majorly from Japanese and South Korean investors. The figure is expected to increase by three times in the near year of 2018.

Real Estate

Foreign and local Developers are investing heavily into Ba Dinh and Tay Ho Districts. The local government is also taking actions in ensuring a continuous flow of infrastructure investment.

To relieve traffic congestion, the government is modernizing the public transport system by implementing a large efficient form of transportation such as the new metro line and bus routes. The development of multiple industrial parks from internationally branded corporations such as Hyundai, Toyota, Pepsico, and Samsung is a necessary condition in making Hanoi an inviting destination to live and invest.  



Hanoi is the second most populated city in Vietnam of approximately 7.5 million citizens, the annual population growth is steadily at over 2 percent from 2012-2017 year-on-year. The GDP per capita for the capital is recorded at US$3,425 (2017). More interestingly, the city’s young population accounts for over 60% and the tendency for millennials to move home is becoming increasingly popular. This strives for greater demand for properties around the city. 


From high-end restaurants to affordable food stalls, Hanoi can delight you with both. Over 1,000 years of deep-rooted history, the country has undergone many changes and was strongly influence from both Western and Eastern cuisines. The city was particularly known for street food culture. Old Quarter is Hanoi is still perceived to be the best area to find a variety of authentic Vietnamese food still served to its customers whilst they sit in the iconic blue chairs. High-end gourmet restaurants are also present around the city center with French-like bistros and cafes mostly found in the Westlake area and Japanese/Korean fusion restaurants are mostly enjoyed in Ba Dinh District due to the high centralization of these communities in the respective areas.  


Hanoi is home to numerous centuries-old architecture and 100-year old temples. The city is most known for its famous Old Quarter with 36 streets offering enormous amount and diversity of products. Within one to two hours’ drive to the southeast from Hanoi is the UNESCO Heritage Site Trang An with charming landscapes of rice fields, lime peaks, national parks and caves. Alternatively, Halong Bay and Sapa are also easily accessible and perfect for a 2-day weekend getaway to relax from the bustling city.  


Hanoians are famous for their lively morning activities. Local hidden markets gather up and breakfast is served from 5AM. Many locals, especially elderly have the tendency to wake at dawn and spend time walking, jogging, cycling around the lakes before the sunrise. Unlike Ho Chi Minh City, shops and stores in Hanoi usually close early at around 8-9PM; though the capital city is also home to various classy bars and pubs around Westlake and Ta Hien areas. Just 30-45 minutes from the city center towards the South, there are two private golf courses - The Van Tri Golf Club and The Sky Lake.  


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