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We are always looking for that unique property to add to our portfolio. You can rely our experience in the sales and marketing of luxury properties in Vietnam and we can offer you the following services:

• Market price valuation
• Professional photography
• Listing package for prospective buyers
• Marketing Channels in over 10 countries
• International media exposure
• Regular reports on results

If you are a seller and you are looking to sell your home, contact us for a discussion.

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Before anything else, it is important to draw up a basic plan for the selling process. You should consider establishing your timeframe for selling and having a general understanding of the current property market.

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It is important to know when you want to sell your property. The urgency of the sale may affect the price of the property. In addition, if you need to sell quickly, we can speed up the process by proposing a thorough action plan to obtain your goals. Otherwise, our team of professional experts can help you thoroughly review the market conditions and find the most favourable time to sell.

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Deciding to sell demands a serious consideration of current market in order to arrive at the best market prices and terms. With our knowledge and expertise, we will keep you up-to-date on the market price, financing, terms and conditions of competing properties.

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Having a trustworthy agent can give you peace of mind and hassle-free selling process. Without a professional agent, most independent sellers tend to overestimate the value of their property. Our team provides support on market price, marketing, legal and financial terms to help you sell your property at the maximized price at the quickest time possible. Moreover, we will also guide you through the complicated paperwork involved from initial documents to final agreements. unrivalled track records in luxury property sales, professional team with multicultural backgrounds and quality customer service.

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Setting the right price is the most important factor when putting your property on the market. For example, over-pricing of the property may result in a smaller buyers’ pool or a prolonged stay on the market that will result in lower offers. Likewise, under-pricing of the property might lead to losing money on your investment. With our experience and expertise, you can trust our team to help you thoroughly evaluate every offer and negotiate contractual terms for your benefits.

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The condition of your property also affects how quickly your property sells and whether you acquire the highest market value for it. We recommend you maximize your property’s curb appeal by decluttering and getting the property as close to “open home ready” as possible.

We understand how important first impression is to property buyers, that’s why we focus on the aesthetic appeal of every property. We support property sellers to produce high quality and professional photography and marketing materials to create an immediate impact on potential buyers.

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Most buyers make purchasing decision only after site visits or inspections. Some customers prefer to experience the property by staying at the place on vacation before buying. Our team with focus on customer service will ensure the most pleasant site visit trip for potential buyers. Moreover, our experienced sales consultants understand your property’s selling points and buyer’s needs; hence will be most useful in representing your interests when negotiating with prospective buyers.

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Sellers may have to deal with multiple offers before accepting the most suitable one. Our team will assist on contractual terms negotiation and finding a win-win agreement that is beneficial to all parties involved.

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With the support of the agent, the seller needs to read and fully understand all the terms and conditions of any of the agreements (deposit, sales and purchase). The agent will be by your side and explain any unclear terms.

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The agent will support to ensure all the paperwork and documents are done correctly and on time. The agent also assist sellers and buyers in arranging payment schedule and connect buyers, sellers with professional services such as banks, lawyers to ensure the selling process goes smoothly and hassle-free.

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With over 20 years experience in Vietnam, Indochina Capital was one of the first investment fund operations with a dedicated focus on Vietnam. Throughout this period, the company’s subsidiaries have developed a multitude of residential and resort projects across key destinations in the country.

With over US$500 million in raised capital from some of the most well-known institutional investors globally and over US$2 billion invested in real estate projects, Indochina Capital has led the Vietnamese property market on a path to success.

Indochina Properties is uniquely positioned to advise family offices, private and institutional investors on current and upcoming investment opportunities, investment structures and we manage a portfolio of project sites, commercial assets and hotels & resorts for sale in key markets throughout Vietnam.

Contact us if you wish to find out more!

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The housing law since July 2015 allows foreigners to purchase a property in Vietnam. Foreigners can own, inherit, lease, donate and resell properties in Vietnam.

Foreigners can own the property for 50 years. After 50 years, the government allows an extension for another 50 years.

Foreigners can only buy from developer and other foreigners.

Unlike Vietnamese who can only sell to Vietnamese, foreigners can resell to both foreigners and Vietnamese.

Foreign organization or individual ownership of units in an apartment building may not exceed 30% of total units in one apartment building.

For housing projects with separate landed housing, the foreign organization and individual ownership may not exceed 10% of total units in one housing project.

For example: project has 100 apartment units and 30 villas, foreigners can buy up to 33 apartment units and 3 units.

As a Vietnamese owner, if resell to foreigner, the government cannot control the foreign quota, therefore, Vietnamese cannot sell to foreigner.

If you sell to Vietnamese, they get freehold

If you sell to foreigners, the ownership will continue with the remaining age of the property and the title will still be the same.

For example: Foreigner own for 10 years and resell, new foreign buyer owns for the remaining 40 years

a. Long-term lease agreement: foreigner owns for 40 years with possibility of extension only if the Developer extends their business license

b. Sales and Purchase agreement: foreigner owns for 40 years but can extend ownership certificate for another 50 years

SPA stands for Sales and Purchase agreement. This is a legally binding contract between the buyer and developer to prove that a house or apartment is sold to the buyer by the developer.

The SPA is used as evidence of ownership of the house or apartment before the house ownership certificate is granted to the owner.

The template for SPA is in accordance with the standard template as provided by the Ministry of Construction and is to be registered with Consumer Protection Bureau under the Ministry of Industry of Trade.

As such, the SPA cannot be amended or changed

• The right to involability of houses under his/her lawful ownership

• To use houses for residential purposes and other purposes not banned by law

• To be granted certificates for houses under his/her lawful ownership

• To sell, transfer sales & purchase contracts, lease, put for lease-purchase, gift, exchange, mortgage, lend, permit stay at, or authorize management of, his/her houses

• To use public facilities in the housing area in accordance with Housing laws and other relevant laws

• To maintain, renovate, demolish, or rebuild his/her house as prescribed in Housing Law and law on construction

• To receive the compensation as prescribed in regulations of law

a. Open a bank account in Vietnam and start to collect rental income to this bank account.

b. To remit money back to home country, foreigners must provide the bank with the new SPA between them and the new buyer and a tax declaration form.

It is possible partially pay from overseas account and partially from Vietnam’s bank account

a. Buying property: 10% VAT & 2% sinking fund (maintenance fee)

b. Rental income: 5% VAT and 5% Personal income tax

c. Resell property: 2% transaction fees
Registration fee with the government is 0.5%. This is to obtain the house ownership certificate, calculated on the apartment value.

Sinking fund is commonly referred as maintenance fee, is a fund contributed by buyers of a development to maintain commonly owned areas of the development. It is used for maintenance, small repairs, medium repairs and overhauls of commonly owned areas to preserve quality. The sinking fund of a house/apartment is currently 2% on the price before VAT.

This is a fee contributed by residents to managing operations of the development, such as operating the elevator system, generator and providing services for the building such as security, pest control, rubbish collection service, etc. Management fee is calculated per net salable area (NSA).

Commonly referred as the carpet area. Net salable area (NSA) refers to the area for private use of the purchased apartment, which is measured by a clearance method and stipulated in the House Ownership Certificate granted to the buyer. It shall include the area of room-dividing walls built inside the apartments and area of balcony, loggia attached to such apartment (if any). It shall exclude the area of external walls, apartment-dividing walls, columns and service ducts inside the apartment. The NSA shall be stated in the pink book.

It includes also the 5% for issuing the pink book (ownership certificate from government)

a. Can transfer the deposit from a bank from their home country

b. Transfer other installments from bank account in Vietnam

There are several international bank options for you such as Standard Chartered, UOB, Bank of China, etc.

It is also advisable to open 2 bank accounts (US Dollars) and (Vietnam Dong)

For project under construction, the payment scheme is decided by developers and agreed with purchasers. Housing laws limit the maximum collection before handover to be up to 70% for local Vietnamese developer and up to 50% for foreign developers. The law also stipulates that 5% is to be collected upon issuance of the pink book.

As the law is very new, since 2015, the government has not stated the fee.

But a minimum estimation for the general administration fee from the Government for any legal documents would be around USD 2,000.

If the money is transferred in USD, it will be automatically exchanged to VND based on the exchange rate at the bank at the point of time.

All the properties in Vietnam by law are sold in Vietnam Dong, the US Dollar price is only for reference