Da Lat

The “City of Eternal Spring” with pleasantly cool climate all year long, surrounded by hills, pine forests, lakes and waterfalls  

Da Lat

Local Time: 05:29 Local Temperature: 16.83ºC/289.98ºF Location: Central Highlands

Welcome to Dalat, The city of Eternal Spring

Dalat, located in Vietnam’s central highlands, is known for its unique landscapes and pleasant weather all year round. Surrounded by evergreen forests and lush hillsides, the city is fast becoming one of the most desirable golfing and resort destinations within the region. With a variety of outdoor and adventure activities as well as beautiful colonial architecture, the city is seeing a dramatic increase in international tourists.  



The region’s annual GDP per capita was over US$2,000 during the past five years and is expected to rocket up to US$3,200 in 2020. The main economic sectors are tourism, services, and agriculture. In the agriculture sector, the production value of fruits and vegetables is expected to reach US$200 million.

The region earned US$127.57 million from tourism and welcomed nearly 1.9 million visitors in the first half of 2017. Dalat alone has welcomed over 17 million foreign visitors each year from 2011-2016.

Real Estate

With its tremendous potential in tourism and service sectors, Dalat has attracted more and more real estate investors into resorts and golf projects, alongside with the upgrade of traffic infrastructure.

The city is planning new tourism developments such as the Datanla Waterfall Eco-Tourism Area, an amusement park and adventure sports center estimated to be completed by 2020. From late 2017, the international airport is expected to open direct flights from Singapore, Thailand and Korea with further expansion over the coming years.



Dalat has a humble population of just over 400,000 people in 2015. Just 10 years ago, 40% of its population was foreign, mainly French and Chinese nationalities. The composition of Dalat ethnicity is highly diverse. Due to historical reasons, different ethnicities of the whole country have reunited and settled into a united community inhabiting in this highlands such as Lach, Sre and Chil. The city is young and over 30% of the population is under 15. Residents here still live of gardening and farming while the rest are focused on trading.


Due to its unique mix of community, the choices of restaurants are plentiful, from high-end to affordable eats in the markets. Some restaurants with relaxing views can be found around the lakes such as Ho Tuyen Lam lake. Due to its French colonial past, there are multiple French gourmet restaurants such as Le Moulin Rouge, Le Rabelais and Le Petit Dalat. Foreigners can additionally explore the night markets and evening snacks after 8PM at the Dalat Central Market with a variety of choices such as barbecued rice paper served in tiny stool by the little charcoal brazier. Grown in the region’s rich soil, tea and coffee are Dalat’s specialties and can be found in high tea parlors.


All attractions are blended with nature. Locals like to take a drive around the mountains to contemplate the natural beauty of countless national parks, forest hills, waterfalls and religious grounds such as the Linh Son and the Linh Phuoc Pagoda. Just northwest of Central Dalat City is the popular Melinh Coffee Garden and Cau Dat Tea Hills where many locals and foreigners can hand pick the coffee beans, tea leaves, and enjoy their flavors afterward. 


Due to its high altitude, pine-covered hills, lakes and high peaks, the region offers numerous outdoor activities such as abseiling, scrambling, zip-lining, hiking an cliff jumping in the beautiful canyons and waterfalls. Golfing is also a favourite sport for foreign visitors. Home to the 3 oldest yet considerably most challenging golf courses in Vietnam, Dalat is attracting golf players from around Asia, especially those from Korea. Due to its potential, Dalat has seen the emergence of many luxury golf resorts projects such as Dalat at 1200. Alternatively, gardening and fruit picking are other enjoyable yet relaxing activities which can be done during the day time. 

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